Public Sector Administration: Carrying out a Payroll and Skills Audit in Zimbabwe (2008-2011)
February 23, 2020

Assessing the Investment Climate of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Malaysia

In the context of World Bank support to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Malaysia, CGA’s Practice Leader Hamid Alavi carried out Investment Climate Assessments. This covered a broad range of factors affecting firm productivity, spanning from political stability to the efficient delivery of permits. The data used in Investment Climate Assessments are collected through face-to-face interviews with hundreds of managers, hence the analysis reflects the managers’ actual experience. The objectives of these assessments were to (i) evaluate the state of the business environment; (ii) benchmark the quality of the business environment across countries; (iii) identify the key constraints to increasing firm productivity and (iv) identify policies that will alleviate obstacles and improve firm productivity and competitiveness.