Private Sector Development

Working with governments, firms and international development and aid agencies, CGA strives to advance the development of the private and financial sectors and the shared prosperity arising from that development. Our work is guided by our belief that the private sector is the main engine of economic growth and, when governed by sound policies and institutions, and a competitive financial system, it serves as the best means for achieving inclusive, pro-poor growth. Our experts specialize in designing and applying program approaches that engage the private sector in development and provide advice and technical assistance to governments, regulators, and international financial institutions to deepen the financial sector.

Featured Experiences

Public Private Partnerships

Consilium Group Advisors approach is to use our experts’ long and successful development experience and their in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in transactions, financing and policy to assist our clients develop fruitful public-private partnerships. Our experts have experience reconciling investors’ need for profit with Government’s requirements for political and financial transparency and value for money.

Consilium Group Advisors (CGA) provides a range of specialized services to public and private sector clients covering all facets of PPP/PFI projects, from initial concept and business case development through to final delivery and operation.

For private sector clients, CGA provides bid management support on design, build, finance and operate/maintain projects, with an extensive scope of works which includes coordinating tender submissions through to acting as SPV Manager and Employer’s Agent. CGA can also assist in bringing consortia together and identifying the right partners for design, construction, facility management and equity sponsorship.

For public sector clients, CGA offers expert knowledge of all forms of PPP, assisting them with structuring projects and then bringing them to market. The multi-disciplinary nature of CGA’s business allows it to fully consider market trends in construction, finance and consortia appetite for taking risks. Client support includes preliminary and detailed appraisal of projects and value-for-money analysis.

SME Development Policy

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are important drivers of shared growth and social harmony. Recognizing this, governments around the world implement programs and policies to facilitate SME development. Yet, SME development remains an agenda half-finished! More often than not, SME development efforts have not yielded expected results either because their proper implementation has been challenging or their impacts could not be measured and monitored.

Consilium Group Advisors consultants have helped develop SME development strategies which have been recognized as best practice (see below). We offer a new approach to SME development by creating an in-depth analytical foundation which allows a simpler, more effective program implementation. We build-in effective and financially sustainable monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to provide policy maker with timely policy implementation data. We identify market imperfections and information asymmetries, and by doing so, tackle the obstacles to SME growth and competitiveness, while reducing the need for continued government intervention in market.

Regional Integration

Effective decentralization requires the state to decentralize the delivery of basic services including the functions, functionaries and finance, to local authorities, which are relatively closer to the people. Also important is the establishment of institutional mechanisms to improve voice for the people, which enable people to demand accountability from the local authorities responsible for delivery of basic services. Our approach to decentralization covers many activities including those listed below.

Trade Facilitation and Logistics

CGA provides technical assistance and advice on the three building blocks of trade facilitation that promote transparency, streamline cargo clearance, simplify regulatory requirements, and smooth the exchange of information between parties involved in a trade transaction. Our experts specialize in the four building blocks as follows:

Customs modernization: CGA assists clients ensure compliance with international agreements (WCO, SAFE, WTO), risk management, post clearance audit, authorized economic operator, and prearrival processing systems; automating customs procedures; and more.

Single Windows: CGA recognizes that single windows are the result of high-level government commitment and sustained cooperation among many public and private sector parties, as well as streamlined clearance and technical control processes in the customs and other agencies involved in trade transactions clearance and processing. We provide services to draft single window roadmaps and action plans and raise public awareness; develop single window financial feasibility and sustainability studies; conduct business process analysis and data harmonization; establish trade portals; and plan, design, and establish single window connectivity.

Logistics: Delays caused by poor logistics in ports, border crossings and transport corridors drive up the cost of shipping and make trade flows unreliable and unpredictable. CGA experts evaluate transport corridor performance and quantifies the impact of bottlenecks on logistics performance and trade. We help clients pinpoint and measure the impact of logistics bottlenecks; conduct time release studies and assess the impact of logistics policies; conduct corridor diagnostic studies and performance monitoring; and provide corridor management and institution building support.

Clusters And Growth Poles

Our staff understands what is required to develop sustainable and competitive economic zones and growth poles. We highlight below some of the projects which our staff has carried out in this field.

Women-Owned Enterprises

Our staff has supported the design and implementation of programs and projects focused on the development of women entrepreneurship. We provide below some examples of our staff’s experience.

Investment Climate Reforms

Our staff has a long and successful experience carrying out assessments aimed at improving the investment climate world wide. We present below some of their relevant experience.

Technology Commercialization

Our staff has facilitated the commercialization of productivity enhancing and business generating innovations. We highlight here below some of their achievements

Inclusive Innovation

Our staff has supported the design and the implementation of innovation and inclusive innovation strategies and programs. We provide below an example of their experience.

Access To Finance

One great challenge for small businesses is accessing the finance they need to develop and grow. Issues of collateral and alignment with international accounting standards affect SMEs disproportionately, while financial institutions have less experience lending to the small business segment and often perceive them as hire riskier than the evidence suggests.

CGA consultants have a long and successful experience assisting enterprises and start-ups to obtain financial services. The Risk-Sharing Facilities we have designed and helped implement in various countries in East Asia are among some of the most successful in terms of facilitating access to SME finance. Similarly, we recognize that there is a gap between venture capital and banking lending, when is comes to financing SMEs at their early stages of development. Accordingly, we have designed instruments and models to address such gaps. We combine our analytical and design skills, with capacity building that that our experts have provided to commercial banks for developing SME business and small financing instruments in several countries, helping to enhance bank financing to the SME sector.